I’ll Spare You The Nasty Images

One week ago today at about this time I was waking up from surgery.  I was able to come home the very next morning; and have spent the last week recuperating on my own comfy couch.

It’s crazy to think that you can have 5 incisions made, numerous instruments and cameras poked inside, your esophagus pulled and pushed around, things stitched up, added tissue sewn [or I guess tacked] into place, part of your stomach stretched out and used as a wrap for your esophagus and then have that all stitched up; and go home the next morning!

All of that because my ol’ esophagus decided to misbehave.

Did you notice that I said there were cameras poked inside?? Yes, the surgeon needs that to see what he’s doing but guess what!!

He printed pictures for me.

Wanna see? I have them laying out there on the coffee table.


Ok; I’ll spare you more gory details and nasty images.

After all… it even made one of the hospital employees a bit woozy. [That may just be an understatement; I'm thinking she's working in the wrong building.]

Anyway it’s just crazy to think they can do all that and send you home so quickly.

I’m feeling better today; not so much pain. That’s good because I have yet to find a pain medication that doesn’t make me feel just horrible.

I’ll be glad when I can eat normal food again. I know it’s going to take a long time for that to happen but today… I would knock over a toddler to get his taco! Probably couldn’t swallow it once I got it but it would sure taste better than this oatmeal and jello.

I have a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow so wish me luck. It will be the first car ride since I came home and the first day to really get out of the house. I don’t think the back yard or front porch really count as getting out of the house.

I can’t carry anything heavy for about 6 weeks so that’s going to be a bit of an annoyance. Kinda hard to get groceries in from the car, or to carry a camera bag about. Guess I need to learn to travel a little more lightly.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll try to hop on here again in a few days. Hopefully by then I’ll at least have a new picture or two of the birds in the backyard!




Sometimes… when one sets out to take photos of the birds in one’s backyard things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes… there just aren’t many birds to be seen.

birds in tree IMG_6188

Sometimes… the birds that are around just don’t want to have their photo taken.

finch in tree IMG_6275

Sometimes…. one must find other ways to amuse one’s self… such as pointing the lens at other subjects.

tree and clouds IMG_6300

Sometimes… just about anything will do.

jet IMG_6281

Sometimes… even one’s trusty assistant must find other subjects to amuse herself with.

cat fence bella IMG_6230

And sometimes… one must take another break from their blog… I’ll be away from the blog for a few days… I am scheduled to have a little surgery done… although I should only be in the surgical hospital for one night I think the recovery time may take a few days… I plan to spend those few days napping on the couch! No need to worry it is nothing too horrible and I’ll be back in a few days… maybe a week if I get really comfy on that couch! I’m sure I’ll check in over at FB from time to time just to see what everyone is up to… See ya soon!


We have lived in this same small town for several years and looking back I can count on one hand the number of homes that have burned.

I can’t imagine, or maybe I just don’t want to imagine, the horrors those families must have gone through.

Most of those homes have been torn down now and the lots cleaned up. You can hardly tell that anyone ever lived there. One of those lots have long since been sold and a brand new home now stands there.

One of those homes however is still standing.

Last summer fun and games and fireworks went out of control and a home burned.

Such devastation.

What’s left of this house still stands.


I was walking Bella dog today and stopped on the sidewalk by this house to take a picture. I’ve wanted to do so for a while but was worried about the reaction I might get.

I shouldn’t have worried. While I was shooting I met a family member of the home owner. She was kind enough to allow me to take these photos and told me how the fire started and the hardships they have gone through to clean up this devastation.  I had no idea how difficult it could be to take down a home, but she seemed to be very positive, and even mentioned that there just may be enough left to allow them to rebuild.


I wish them good fortune and hope that they will rebuild and be able to move on soon.

***Thank you so much for allowing me to take these photos. I hope you found the disc with your copies.


A note to everyone who uses fireworks… no matter how small or how big they are please remember that they are explosives… Please keep a close eye on your children while they use them… And please please please be safe.


Hey Beautiful – Look My Way!

Sometimes the critters in the zoo seem to be very interested in what we are doing.

That’s a good thing; it gets them to stop and look our way.

Here’s a few shots of some beautiful critters who took the time to look my way.

1/100 - f/5.6 - ISO 400 - 187mm

1/100 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 187mm


1/250 - f/10 - ISO 400 - 250mm

1/250 – f/10 – ISO 400 – 250mm

Scarlet Macaw

1/250 - f/10 - ISO 400 - 250mm

1/250 – f/10 – ISO 400 – 250mm


1/250 - f/16 - ISO 400 - 250mm

1/250 – f/16 – ISO 400 – 250mm

Indian Fruit Bat

1/250 - f/5.6 - ISO 400 - 250mm

1/250 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 250mm


*as always click on the photos to view a larger image – all photos at KKHPhotos.com are available as prints, on gift items, or as digital downloads*


Big Cats


1/250 - f/16 - ISO 400 - 208mm  3/23/2014  shot through dirty viewing window

1/250 – f/16 – ISO 400 – 208mm
shot through dirty viewing window



A few more shots of the big cats at the Topeka Zoo!


1/200 - f/5.6 - ISO 400 - 250mm  3/21/2014  shot through dirty viewing window

1/200 – f/5.6 – ISO 400 – 250mm
shot through dirty viewing window

1/250 - f/5 - ISO 400 - 131mm  3/21/2014  shot through dirty viewing window

1/250 – f/5 – ISO 400 – 131mm
shot through dirty viewing window


I just heard that the Sumatran Tigers in the Topeka Zoo are expecting! Two and maybe three cubs are due next month; it will be a few months before the public is allowed to see them. Maybe this fall I’ll have a few tiger cub photos to share; if I’m lucky!


1/250 - f/9 - ISO 400 - 232mm  3/23/2014  shot through fence

1/250 – f/9 – ISO 400 – 232mm
shot through fence


*as always click on the photos to view a larger image – all photos at KKHPhotos.com are available as prints, on gift items, or as digital downloads*

Creepy Crawlers And Heebie Jeebies

Don’t all of those little creepy crawlers just give you the heebie jeebies?

No; I’m not talking about the toy that lets kids make slimy little bugs and such. I’m talking about the real creepy crawlers, those nasty ugly bugs, especially roaches. YUCK!

What is it about them that creeps us out? After all they are so small we could just step on them; no big deal.

Most of them are small.

But some are a bit bigger than others; like the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches at the Topeka Zoo.

I thought that those orangutans, in their dimly lit indoor area, behind the thick glass posed a bit of a challenge to shoot. Well shooting insects in glass aquariums and/or terrariums have all those challenges and more. The weather was cool that day so the glass on these warm moist little environments was pretty steamy; and they are dark little areas too. After all I think that’s what most creepy crawlers like… warm, damp, and dark.

To read a few basic tips on capturing photos of animals through glass check out my post; Do As I Say…Not As I Did from a few days ago. The added difficulties of the insect zoo are the steamy glass and dark room. You need to focus your lens past that steamy drippy glass and onto your subject [unless you want to include the steamy glass in your image]; and you need a good slow shutter to let in what light is available.

1/12 - f/4.0 - ISO 400 - 55mm - 3/23/2014

1/12 – f/4.0 – ISO 400 – 55mm – 3/23/2014

I didn’t take my tripod to the zoo with me and, although sometimes I do, I hadn’t carried my monopod along this day either. That meant everything I shot, including these creepy guys, was done hand held.

Now that’s a challenge! [At least it is for me!] Holding a heavy 55mm – 250mm zoom steady with shutter settings like 1/12 and 1/8.

1/8 - f/5.0 - ISO 400 - 135mm - 3/23/2014

1/8 – f/5.0 – ISO 400 – 135mm – 3/23/2014

But I guess I didn’t do to badly. You can tell that these are nasty, ugly, creepy, crawly, roaches; can’t you?

Oh, and Thank You Topeka Zoo, for the extra creepy factor of the “watch for hitchhikers” sign at the exit from the insect zoo. I didn’t really need to have the feeling that there could be a creepy crawler or two catching a ride to the next exhibit.