Yesterday I mentioned that D and I had stopped by the lake over the weekend. Our plan was to walk around and enjoy the view while taking a few photos.

It didn’t go so well.


As we drove into the park D says “do we need to buy a pass?”. I say “no; I’ve stopped by here before and didn’t need one.”

We were just a few steps away from the car when out-of-no-where a park official appears, ticket pad in hand…

“you need to go to the office and buy a pass… a one year pass is cheaper than this ticket.”


After the pass was appropriately placed on the car windshield we tried again to take a few photos.


It was HOT! It was SUNNY! It was HAZY! It was HUMID!

It was CROWDED!!!

The campers, boats, tents, swimmers, RVs, cookouts, hikers, bikers, pick-up trucks, mini-vans, dogs, kids, and everyone else from this part of the state were packed in there like sardines.

So much for capturing lots of good landscape shots that day.

I think another visit is in order. Maybe we’ll head out early for our next trip and stop again.


After all we have our pass now!


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