Day Into Night – A haunted house

What happens when you take two parts bright sunny May afternoon and one part cloudy January sky, a couple of adjustment layers, a couple of fill layers, and a little white “paint”, toss them into Photoshop and mix them up?

You turn day into night!

Sorry folks no tutorial on this one. I didn’t keep notes. I’ll have to try it again someday and write down the processes. I started with these three daytime photos…

blog_IMG_4579 - Copyblog_IMG_4573 - Copyblog_IMG_1011

and ended up with this dark haunted house nighttime image…


Photoshop is just pretty darn fun to play with!

Now where did I leave that ghost detector; I might just need it!

Click on the final image above to see a larger view, order prints, or download photos.


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