I’m Blaming It On The Heat

I think the heat was getting to me this weekend. It seemed that I did something wrong with practically every image I took! They were under exposed. They were over exposed. There was motion blur. There was camera shake. There was noise. Lots of noise. There was just plain old blah.beforebefore100

Yep; I’m blaming it on the  Kansas heat with the 100+ temperature we had all weekend.

Once back inside where it was much much cooler… I decided that a bad image was just as good as any other image to do some Photoshop experimentation on; so I played around with a shot of a bear at the zoo.

  • I straightened the crooked image.
  • I removed the distracting bright green garden hose.
  • I removed the annoying dried out weeds.
  • I adjusted the exposure.
  • I brightened his eyes.
  • Applied a little camera shake filter.
  • Did a little high pass sharpening.
  • And just because it was a hot steamy day, and although you can’t usually see the humidity you can sure feel it, I added some steamy haze to the image.after100
Grizzly Bear – Brit Spaugh Zoo Great Bend, Kansas – June 2015


OK. So you can’t really fix out of focus and plain old blah; but you can still have a little fun with it!

Click on the final image above to see a larger view, order prints, or download photos.


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