Midnight Confusion

Sorry to disappear on you again. I usually try to let people know when I’m not going to be around. But alas the dang migraine monster decided to rear its ugly head and limit my abilities to function for a few days. Luckily [after a couple of trips in for shots] it finally gave way and by the time the Perseid meteor shower was over head I was feeling better than I had in a month!

IMG_7868 copy (1)_web
69 sec – f/4.0 – ISO 400 – 24mm

So… I went from seeing stars to shooting stars…. I went from brain fog confusion to how the heck do I photograph meteors confusion.

Well it turns out I didn’t have to worry to much about capturing meteors this time. We did see several but they were so fast, so faint, and so far between that there was just no capturing one.

IMG_7867 copy (1)_web
8 min 11 sec – f/4.0 – ISO 400 – 24mm

I did however practice shooting stars. Something I haven’t tried before and something that didn’t really go that great this time around. But we did have a lot of fun trying!

D and I headed out near midnight and found a great spot not to far from the house. The nearest street lights were maybe 1/4 mile away; still a little to bright but they were behind us so it wasn’t to bad. We had a nice clear sky and tons of stars to watch before a little fog rolled our way around two in the morning. Yes; we were out until two in the morning! Us old folks out running around the edge of a cemetery at night! Ok so we weren’t really running around much but we sure were dodging the mosquitoes!

We experimented with shutter speeds from half a minute to well over five full minutes. By the way really long shutter speeds do not work with a cheap tripod that can not support the weight of your camera very well. [Guess I know what’s going on the old Christmas list this year!]

Midnight Confusion [three image composite]
Midnight Confusion
[three image composite]
Although my results were far from awe-inspiring I still had some fun playing around with a couple of them today. I even added in a tiny little house from an image I took over a year ago; can you see it? No; I guess it doesn’t really show up well in this smaller copy, but it’s there, swirling around in the sky with the stars; like a scene from Wizard Of Oz had it taken place at midnight. :D

We’ll call this one Midnight Confusion and make plans to shoot for the stars on another night. Who knows maybe someday I’ll catch one of those meteors.





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