Danger Will Robinson Danger

I have just had the most exciting day ever in the history of my stock photography career! OK so it’s a career that is only a few months old but this was by far the most exciting day -so far.

I sat up my lights. That’s what caused all the excitement. They are old studio lights that #7 had gotten from someone who had purchased new lights. These old lights had been stored in a storage shed for well over 10 years and were not getting used. So #7 gave them to me.

Danger Will Robinson Danger!
(come on now you have seen old Lost In Space reruns haven’t you?)

Well I was shooting away. I had a couple ideas to try out and some pink tools I was going to shoot. When all of a sudden. Without warning.


It was so loud that I’m sure the neighbors must have thought someone got shot. My ear is still ringing!

One of the lights exploded. old studio lights

When I heard the sound I turned toward the light and saw the diffuser melt. It almost looked like liquid dripping away from the reflector pan.


I spun around the other way grabbed the cords and unpluged both lights.

There were paper thin bits of blue glass everywhere. There was a fine powdery dust of disentigrated glass covering every surface. I found bits of glass as far as 7 feet away from the light stand.

The handle/socket that sticks out of the back of the reflector pan shot across the room crashed into another table and hit the floor.


I had tiny bits of blue glass on my face and in my hair.

There was very little left of the bulb.

Not Much Left

The bulb had been so hot that when it exploded one of the wires from inside the bulb fused itself to the reflector pan.


The insides of the light bulb just hung there dangling from the aluminum that it was now attached to.

The glass bits that flew around the room were also very hot. Everywhere one hit the floor it melted the flooring  just enough so that the glass was stuck down tight. When I did scrap the glass bits off the floor there were burn marks left behind.

Burn Marks

Who knew that working in a little tabletop studio could be so dangerous!

Take this as a warning and use old equipment with great caution.

Now back to work.


Be careful out there people.


3 thoughts on “Danger Will Robinson Danger”

  1. Nick, you’re right -it does sound just like a gun shot!
    Great shots from Flit BTW.

    Vera, not traumatized but I haven’t plug any lights in again yet!

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