Sun Rise At The Pond

I got off to an early start today. I took my first shots of the day at about 6:30 am. The sun wasn’t even up yet!

I had set out to take a series of photos, at the same spot, as the sun was raising over the horizon. They are part of the Son Rise photo project I am working on for Redeemer’s Hope Church.

I picked a spot up on top of a hill about 15 miles north of my house. It’s a quiet little road side park along US highway 281. As you look to the east across the highway you are looking down on a nice size pond. From there the landscape climbs back up hill towards the sky.

When I sat up the tripod and attached my wide angle lens the sky was still dark and there was just a tiny sliver of a cresent moon.

At the first sign of light, a thin red line that appeared along the horizon line, I started to shoot.

The series contains almost 20 photos shot over an hours time.

That little spot on the hill is a beautiful spot, but boy was it cold up there! I thought my toes were going to freeze inside my boots. Next time, two pairs of socks!

In addition to these photos being used for the Church’s annual retreat, I plan to sell prints through my new site KKHPhotos.Com.

Sun Rise At The Pond 6:53 am


Sun Rise At The Pond 6:58 am


Sun Rise At The Pond 7:20 am

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