Crosses On The Bluffs

I went out into the cold morning again this past weekend, still looking for the perfect shots for the Son Rise project.

I headed west of town to the next little town over.

L went with me this time, it was fun to have someone along.

When we got to the south side of that little town, we parked on the side of the road and climbed up the hill into the bluffs. L went running up the hill, darn kids and their healthy strong selves. I, on the other hand, went a little slower and was wondering if there was an oxygen tank near by!

When we got up the hill we soon found what we were looking for. Three crosses. They stand at the top of a steep slope, I feel for the guys who had to climb up there to put them in place.

Three Crosses

These crosses, and this area, are used every year for an Easter sunrise service. It’s a beautiful location.

We got a couple of good shots, L had too much fun running up and down the  hills. Well until she found the steep drop off! Good thing she can stop on a dime!!

The next step will be to make a composite of these crosses and the sunrise photos from the weekend before.


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