Sunrise Silhouettes

More work for the Son Rise project!

I made several composite photos of the sunrise shots from February 22nd and one of the shots of the three crosses from March 1st.

I tried to keep the pond from the sunrise shot but my skills have not yet caught up to my ideas. So for now it’s just a silhouette.  At least the extra black space at the bottom of the photos gives them somewhere to add their text!

I’ve uploaded all the composite shots, along with all the photos for Redeemer’s Hope Church, to my newest site. Enjoy the slide show and watch the sunrise.

Son Rise Composite 6:54am

Now, I attempt to type up a tutorial on how I made these composites:

So sorry if I have missed anything here. I didn’t take very good notes this time.

1) Open cross picture. Adjust the layers to darken the mid tones a bit for a more silhouetted look. Crop away some of the sky and re-size the canvas, expanding at the bottom of the photo. Fill the bottom with a dark brown color. Yes, this leaves a harsh line. We will blend that in later.

2) Open sunrise picture. Make sure the two photos are the same size. On some of the lighter sunrise shots towards the end of the series I needed to saturate the colors quite a bit to make this work. There were still a few shots at the very end that just didn’t have enough color changes in the sky and I wasn’t able to use them at all.

3) Copy the three crosses photo and paste it onto the sunrise photo.

4) Set the blend mode on the crosses layer to multiply. Now is when I blended that harsh line. I used the darker color from the bottom area of the photo and a brush with the opacity set to around 60%. I simply painted over the harsh line and blended it into the top of the hill. This also added a nice effect to the horizon line. Kind of a dreamy feel.

5) Once I was satisfied with the way it looked I merged the two layers together and renamed the final composite!

It’s quick but remember I was doing this with every photo in the sunrise series to create a new series of shots. Now we’ve got a series of sunrise photos with the silhouettes of three crosses in the foreground.

Oh, and once again I was using Photoshop Elements 5.0.


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