A Winter Wedding

Last Thursday L and I took off for a little shopping trip. It was time to buy a dress for prom. We drove out to #7’s place and stayed the weekend with her. There are many more shopping choices out there.Tammie & Duane's Winter Wonderland

We stopped to visit K on the way out and again on the way back. That was nice but we didn’t get to see him for very long.

While #7 was at work ST, he’s #4’s son, spent the day dress shopping with us. I’m sure he had a long boring day while his cousin chose a dress.

After the shopping was all done ST & L went to the movies while I helped decorate for a wedding. A friend of #7 was getting married the next day. They held the ceremony and dinner in a small cabin on the lake and decorated in a winter wonderland theme.

Tammie & Duane's Winter WonderlandBy the time the wedding began the next day it was a real winter wonderland outside! Just a couple of inches but it sure looked pretty on the lake. The sparkly decorations inside and the snow outside made a nice backdrop for the evening.

I did my best to take wedding photos. I think I need more practice before I try to do that again, but I might have gotten one or two that will be worth printing. And I need to remember to take the tripod next time, with the lower light I slowed the shutter and ended up with a lot of camera shake and motion blur. Hopefully I’ll do better next time! Tammie & Duane's Winter Wonderland

Anyone got wedding/event photography tips for me? I think I need them.


Best wishes to the bride and groom!


3 thoughts on “A Winter Wedding”

  1. I really like the one of the rings. 🙂 The gold just stands out tremendously and makes for a great shot.

    I suggest using a lens with an f/stop of 2.8 or less… that way you can use a faster shutter speed without compromising the amount of light that hits the camera… so you can shoot faster better shots in low light… but that’s probably something you know already. 🙂

    When I do weddings, I hardly ever take off my fixed 50mm 2.8 lens, only doing so when I need to use the 300mm. I also try to play around with different angles, mirrors, and shadows… I find that makes for some pretty interesting photographs, especially the mirrors.

  2. Thanks Vera! That ring pillow was one of my favs too.

    It’s great to hear that I did something right! I was using my 50mm f/1.8 for nearly every shot. Guess I just needed to go ahead and speed up the shutter, I just thought they would be too dark. Guess that’s where more practice comes in. 🙂

    Love the idea of using mirrors. I’ll have to remember that. How cool for a shot of the bride getting ready, looking into the mirror. You could see her face and details on the back of the dress at the same time!

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll add them to my ever growing list of things to remember.

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