8 Ways To Crank-Up Your Creativity

  1. Take 100 steps
    Or 200 or 300. It really doesn’t matter how far just pick a number and start walking. Once you have counted those 100 steps stop and have a look around. Then start shooting. Look for new angles or unusual objects. Try black & white or look for bright vivid colors.
  2. Write The Alphabet
    Then add a word for each letter, like America for A and Balloons for B. Now go hunting. Look for something that demonstrates each letter and get shooting.
  3. Find your muse
    What is it that makes you want to do better? Your spouse? Your kids? Your dog? A beautiful sunset? A favorite photographer from the past? If it’s a living breathing being drag them out to a fun location for an afternoon photo session. If it’s a favorite photographer check out some of his/her work and think of ways you might get similar results.
  4. Take Notes
    Have you ever woke up in the morning with a great idea in your mind and then forgotten it before  you had a chance to try it out? Keep a notebook handy and write down those ideas ASAP! Then when you have a few hours free grab the camera and your notes and try out those ideas.
  5. King Of Beasts

  6. Observe
    Find a quiet spot in a beautiful park, a busy city street, the cage of your favorite critter at the zoo. Once you find a place sit back, relax, and observe. Look for just the right moment to start shooting. Is it that butterfly that just landed on your knee? How about that lady in the funny red hat? Or the sleepy lion as he opens up for a big ol’ yawn.
  7. Read A Poem
    Read one of your favorite poems. Keep it in mind or even print it on a piece of paper and tuck it in your camera bag. Now look for a photo op that reminds you of a line from that poem.
  8. Check Your Mood
    The way you are feeling from one day to the next can effect your creativity. Instead of fighting against your mood go with it. Feeling energetic and happy? Look for those bright colors, busy streets and playful puppies. Feeling tired and melancholy? Try a little black & white, look for those old broken down trucks and cold wet puddles.
  9. Take A Trip
    Or at least a walk. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.

13 thoughts on “8 Ways To Crank-Up Your Creativity”

  1. I write about writing for the web. I like your first point and will borrow the idea with a link back to you. I’ve written basically the same thing before but didn’t have the idea of the 100 steps. That was a nice way to randomize it. 🙂

    I’m visiting from the 31 Day Better Blog Challenge. Thought I’d get a look at some of the other blogs and bloggers.

  2. Laura,
    Good luck with the 31 day challenge! Thanks for stopping by, glad to know you found something useful.


    Oh, and thanks for the link!

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