Maybe I Need A Mouse

I recently heard a funny story and wanted to share. The story goes like this:

A woman and her young daughter went into a studio for a portrait session. Something they planned to do on a regular basis.  After many tries the photographer was still unhappy with the photos of the girl but just couldn\’t get her to smile at the camera. He finally decided it wasn\’t going to get any better and declared the session finished.

The mother order several prints but the photographer was still unhappy with them. He was determined to get a better shot of this little girl so he came up with a plan.

The next time the little girl was brought into his studio for a portrait session he was ready for her.

He told the girl that he had a new photography assistant who would be taking her pictures and that he would just be standing by in-case he was needed. He then took a rubber mouse out of his pocket and said \”this is my new assistant\”. The girl was amazed that a little mouse could take photos and she smiled as she looked directly at the mouse who was perched on top the camera, near the shutter button.

The photographer said he would have to speak for his assistant because mice can not talk loud enough to be heard so she would have to keep an eye on the mouse and listen carefully. The photographer then begin to speak for his tiny assistant telling the girl when he was about to take the photo. The photographer would nudge the mouse just a bit with one hand while pressing the shutter release cable with the other. The girl was amazed that the mouse had actually taken a photo and she smiled bigger then ever, looking right at the mouse. This went on for the entire hour with the photographer capturing one beautiful smile after another.

When the mother and daughter came back to pick up the prints the mother said to her daughter \”aren\’t these photos great, they are the best photos you have ever had! What a big smile you had that day.\” The girl replied. Yes the new mouse photographer is much better then the old man photographer, we should have him take pictures all the time.\”


4 thoughts on “Maybe I Need A Mouse”

  1. Kids have a wonderful way of looking at the world. Unfortunately as we get older we start to “not believe” anymore. Maybe we all should start again!

  2. Great story! It’d be more believable with a Pocket Wizard or such to wirelesly trigger the camera. I saw a writeup about a child photographer who does exactly that, that way he can interact with the subject without having to hold a camera up to his face. He gets some incredible stuff.

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