Searching For Stock Photos -It’s A Zoo Out There

Finding the right photo for the job is not that hard if you use Dreamstime’s search tools. Let’s take a look.

Go to Dreamstime.Com and enter the key word lion. Do nothing special just search for lion and you get well over 13,000 images. That’s great -that’s a lot of lions! But wait. Some of those aren’t lions, there’s a cute child with his face painted and there’s toys and even statues. You just wanted a photo of a lion in the zoo. Now what? Napping Lioness @ DT

Try putting the words toy, painted, and statue in the exclude keyword box and add the word zoo to the word lion already in the search box and try again. Now you got it down to over 2,000 images. Nicely done. But as you look through the choices you see illustrations as well as photos. All you want is photos. That’s easily corrected just un-check the box that says illustrations and the box that says vector leaving only the photography box checked. That brings it down a bit more, right at 2,000 this time.

Say you only wanted a male lion and not a lioness. OK now add the word male to the words lion and zoo already in the search box. Click that search button again and now you’ve got it down to just over 600 images! That’s less then half the number you started out with. Lion @ DT

That’s not the only way to narrow down a search. You can start with a category search and choose animals, you can choose model properties and search only photos with no people, or if you know the name of your favorite photographer you can even search for his/her works only. Sort your findings by relevancy, number of downloads, or even the date the photo was uploaded. Dreamstime offers plenty of search options to help you navigate through the tons and tons of photos out there and find just what you need.  This has just been one very simple example.

You can search for photos of people based on the number of people  you would like to see in the photo and if you want men or women or both. You can even choose the age and ethnicity of the model!  You can choose photography, illustrations, or both. You can even choose the primary colors you would like to see in an image!

Once you spend a little time getting the feel for the great Dreamfinder searching at DT  you’ll be downloading just the right photos quickly every time.

Don’t forget to check out your favorite photographer Karenkh! *shameless self promotion :0)*

Oh, I almost forgot! You gotta love that new flash browser. What a great way to view those photos.

Check it out.


4 thoughts on “Searching For Stock Photos -It’s A Zoo Out There”

  1. Hi Karen,

    This brings up the point of how important proper keywording is when it comes to stock photography. I think it’s an exercise most of us don’t like to do but… is so important if you want to get relevant results.

    Your search advice is excellent!

  2. Ahh the pain of stock. Shoot what you hope others want. And then hope it sticks out enough to get noticed. Hope that wedding went well for you.

  3. Thanks Kevin,

    I know I need to work harder on my keywording. It’s easy to just list the points of the main subject but it’s the little extras that I tend to fall down on.

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