It’s My Birthday! -well, last Saturday it was

Last Saturday was my birthday so D,L, and I took a little road trip to visit K for the day. We picked him up on campus and spent a little time hanging out in the dorm before we headed out to lunch. CA

We meet up with more family members at the restaurant and took the place over. #4 and her son ST, #7, and #2’s grand-kids (IA, CA, CRA) all came out in one car while #5 and her grandson EK came out in another.

EKAfter lunch we all headed to the zoo. It turned out to be a great day for a trip to the zoo; not too hot, not too windy, and even though there were clouds and it sprinkled once it never did rain on us. We spent the afternoon walking around the zoo and taking lots of pictures.

After the zoo we did a little shopping, then at supper time we found out that it was a very busy night for the restaurants in town. IA & CAThere was a spring football game at the college and it was prom night for the local high school. That meant we had to wait nearly half an hour for a table! And once we got in -it was packed. But the food was good and we ate way too much of it. The waitresses and waiters even came over to sing their annoying birthday song, quite loudly.

I got lots of great presents and had a good time visiting with family and checking out the zoo. Even if we didn’t get back home until after midnight it was still a great birthday!

Thanks everyone!

All 4


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