A Good Month!

Bubbly SodaI’ve been uploading photos to Dreamstime for a little over a year now and as of today I have 168 stock photos in my DT portfolio. I’m hoping that number will go up a little in the next few days as I have 5 photos waiting to be reviewed right now.

Bear On BookAfter a few months of nothing going on I had my 1st sale on the 1st of December (2008) and over the last 6 months sales have slowly increased. Once you add the 3 photos sold today I have had a total of 51 sales in those 6 months.

The exciting part about that is that 20 of those sales have been in the last month!

I’d say that is a sign that things just might be picking up a bit!Unlabeled Cans

When I began with DT everyone said not to expect much for the first year or so, that it takes time.

I guess they were right!

Bright Pink Flip-FlopsIt’s interesting to see what photos sell well. I have 3 photos that have been sold 4 times each, 6 photos that have been sold twice, and several that have been sold only once (so far).

The 3 most popular shots are; a photo of cash on a black background, a photo of 3 unlabeled food cans, and a photo of a glass of ice-cold bubbly soda.

Hum, I wonder what story those 3 photos could tell us about currentCash On Black events? Cash on a black background instead of the same shot on a bright white background, food cans -maybe hard to come by for some families right now, and a simple glass of soda -no expensive beverages around here.

Celebration BalloonsThings can’t be all bad though I’ve also sold shots that give you a much happier feeling, like the colorful celebration balloons, our cute little bear friend wearing his specks and celebrating a holiday, and a cheerful pair of bright pink flip-flops for summertime fun.

Ok, enough talk now. St. Patrick's Day Bear

I need to get the shutter snapping and add to that portfolio, hopefully this increase in sales is a continuing trend!!!


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