Father’s Day Fun Fly

I spent yesterday at our little airport shooting RC planes. Father's Day Fun Fly 2009

The local RC club, The Flying Misfits, was hosting a Father’s Day Fun Fly.

D is one of the local RC pilots and I take pictures for the club to use on their website.

Father's Day Fun Fly 2009It’s a lot of fun to watch these little planes, some of them really zip across the sky! Some of the pilots get up so high you can barely see the plane at all and some of them like to stay closer to the ground. I have had my fair share of near misses while standing in the middle of the runway to get those take off and landing shots.

It’s fun to watch them spin and loop around but it’s a real challenge to get a good photo while they are up there moving!

Last summer while there were two planes up at the same time, engaged in a little dog fighting, I was tracking one of the planes hoping for a good shot when, BAM!! The two crashed in mid air. I was lucky enough to capture the crash. I’m afraid the pilots were not so lucky, I don’t think either one of those planes ever flew again.

Crash 7-27-08

I did not get any lucky shots yesterday. You could tell it was my first fun fly of the summer, I was having a heck of a time tracking those little guys. IFather's Day Fun Fly 2009 think my best shots of the day were taken while the planes were on the ground.

That bright blinding summer sun wasn’t helping much either, and boy was it hot! One of the hottest days we’ve had so far.

The club has several  other events scheduled for this summer so I’ll be out there again soon, I just hope that next time the weather isn’t quiet so hot and sun not quiet as bright!

Can you say OUCH! I’m sure sunburns didn’t bother me this much when I was a kid.


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