Digital Photography Master Class

The other day we were in a bigger city about 90 miles from home and I found myself with a little time to kill. We had already done lunch and it was too early to head to the clinic for my doctor’s appointment, so we took a walk around the mall.

A stop in the bookstore turned up a nice collection of photography books and I spent a little time thumbing through some and finally decided to buy a copy of Tom Ang’s Digital Photography Master Class.

I think it is going to be a great learning tool. It kind of reads a bit like a text book, with each tutorial ending with an assignment.

My plan is to read through the book then pick and choose from the toutorials and study up a bit before working on the assignment. Hopefully the result will be a handful of great shots!

It will be a while, as I’m only on page 95 out of 350 pages of great information, but I’ll try to post the assignments and my results as I go along.

Anyone else reading any good photography books this summer?

Assignment: Urban Nature

Assignment: Basic Image Enhancement

Assignment: Pet Portrait


2 thoughts on “Digital Photography Master Class”

  1. Not reading yet, but planning to get Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure.”
    Now I need to check out Tom Ang too! I will look out for your ‘assignment posts’ here 🙂

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