Digital Photography Master Class -Assignment: Urban Nature

I finished reading TomAng’s Digital Photography Master Class  the other day. It’s filled with great information, lots of inspiration, and assignments to challenge any photographer.

DPMC Urban Nature Sunset & Street Signs

After completing the book I decided to choose an assignment to work on. I choose “Urban Nature”; the assignment brief reads: “Search for juxtapositions of natural forms against man-made structures and try to record them with the very best quality. You can work with general views of the environment or in close-up to focus on details that are usually overlooked.” and the points to remember for this assignment included: “…shoot in Raw…use lighting that suits the subject…look for any handy support on which to rest the camera…”.

I don’t live in a very urban area, in fact our little town is very rural, just a little farming town really, so my take on the assignment is more small town nature then urban nature.

DPMC Urban Nature Water Tower with Orton Effect

I ended up with two shots that I thought fit the assignment fairly close. The first shot is a beautiful warm summer sunset interrupted by street signs and power lines with a gathering of birds settling in for the night. For the second shot of the turkey vultures roosting on the water tower I added a bit of an Orton Effect to give it a soft dreamy feel.

Now to decide which assignment to try out next.


5 thoughts on “Digital Photography Master Class -Assignment: Urban Nature”

  1. Thanks Juice!! I liked the way that the orange sunset (that was behind me as I faced the water tower) really changed the color of the metal from shiny silver to nice warm tones. And from that far away you can’t see how ugly those big ol’ birds really are!

  2. Haha…can’t tell about those birds for sure!
    But then they add to the nature aspect, juxtaposed against industrial metal. And they flock to it- Quite an irony there.

    You are right- the light is just terrific in this picture!

  3. Glad you have found some inspiration! I’ve been lacking lately myself. Maybe I should invest in a book and see where that will get me. I love the shot of the water tower and the ugly vulture birds. It’s very moody, and very awesome. 🙂

  4. Thanks again Juice, Those birds spend a lot of time hanging out on that water tower. You should see the big ol’ feathers all over the ground!

    Vikki, Thanks! I’ve been needing some new inspiration and a good book did the trick. You really should hit the book store! This one’s got lots of assignments I think it will keep me busy for a while.

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