It’s Back To School Time!

Summer is nearly over, L has enrolled for her senior year, K has packed and is ready to head back to college, and I have taken a bit of an iventory on my “back to school” images at DT.

Bear On BookIt seems like summer break just started and here it is time to send them off again. They are both ready, it’s been a long summer for them. K never did find any work and L was laid off from her waitress job so they ended up spending a lot of time hanging around with me. Every teens idea of a fun time I’m sure. 🙂

The other day I found a funny poem on the internet that I wanted to share, I have no idea who wrote it so if anyone knows please leave the author’s name in the comments.Apple On Lap Top Computer

‘Twas The Night Before School Started

‘Twas the night before school started,
When all through the town,
The parents were cheering…
It was a riotous sound.

Two Good BooksBy eight the kids were washed,
And tucked into bed,
When memories of homework,
Filled them with dread.

New pencils, new folders,
New notebooks, too,
New teachers, new friends-
Their anxiety grew.Spiral Notebooks

The parents just giggled,
When they learned of this fright,
And shouted, “Upstairs!

Three Pencils

Have a great school year everyone!!


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