RC Planes Take To The Skys Again

OK, I said I’d post a couple of new RC shots so I’m finally getting around to doing that.

The club’s last fun fly was on August 30th and they had a nice turn out. Lots of pilots, lots of planes, lots family, lots of friends, and even lots of food with a great pot-luck lunch picnic style.

One of my favorite planes that day was this huge blue and yellow plane. I heard that the man who built it had well over $2,000 into it, possible closer to $3,000!

I think everyone was a bit nervous when this plane took to the sky but it flew beautifully and made a nice landing. I think it may have lost one of the wheels on landing but everything else went great.

Here’s a couple shots of this beautiful plane in flight.

RC Plane Taking Off

RC Plane Underside

You can see all my RC photos from this summer at KKHPhotos.Com. The full size photos there look so much better than the shrunk down low res copies here.

Now back to editing those sports photos. I’ll post a few of those next, shot some more volleyball but also shot some football and tennis too!


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