An Unexpected Trip To The Museum

So they tell me I should take my camera with me everywhere I go.

Sorry to say that I usually do not and I have missed many a great photo-op.Fish Fossil

However last weekend we took an unexpected side trip to a little museum and I actually had the camera with me!!!

OK, so I had it with me because I was taking pictures at a volleyball game earlier that day.

Plastic Human SkullI wish I’d had my nifty fifty with me at the museum. All I had was my longest lens that was far to long for the close quarters of the museum, and my 17-40 wide-angle.

I don’t have a flash yet, just the little pop-up. But I attached the wide-angle and popped up the flash and hoped for the best.

I must have taken 50 shots of the animals (taxidermy polar bears, lions, moose, skunks…) only a couple of those came out at all. I also took another 100+ shots of other things in the museum including giant animatronic dinosaurs. (Watch for at least one of those to show up on Zazzle products in the future!)

Now this is kind of a low-budget museum run by a local college so it’s a smaller building with not the best light in the world.Rattlesnake

I figured I’d never get anything that Dreamstime would accept so I was happy to find, when I got home, that I had 10 shots that just might work.

I gave it a  try and submitted those 10. Turns out that only 4 of them were actually good enough.

Rattlesnake Ready To StrikeBut hey! That’s 4 more photos in my portfolio that I would not have if I hadn’t had my camera with me for that unexpected trip to the museum!!

So be sure to take your camera with you every chance you get. You never know when something unexpected just might net you a couple of fun shots.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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