Shooting In The Streets – Digital Photography Master Class – Assignment: City Streets

If you have ever read Big Apple Juice’s blog you’ll know that she does some awesome street photography in The Big Apple. I was recently inspired to try some street photography of my own, however I don’t live anywhere near The Big Apple. What I do live near is The Little Apple. The Little Apple is a nick-name given to Manhattan, Kansas. Manhattan, Kansas is the home of Kansas State University and it just so happens that I was headed there for an All Campus Open House this past weekend.

Before heading out to K-State I grabbed my copy of Tom Ang’s book, Digital Photography Master Class; and did a little reading. One of the assignments is City Streets. Mr. Ang tells us that “The main challenge is how to make sense of the swirl and chaos of all the activity.” The assignment brief reads “working in an urban area… try to capture the busy scene in a balanced, well-composed image… record a general view or get in close to take a more intimate shot…”

Here’s what I think were my best 5 shots of the day. You can see the whole set on my flickr page if you’re interested.

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