The Number 200

Why the number 200 you ask?

Well, it used to be the most common ISO speed for photographic film, way back in the day.

In a game of Monopoly 200 is the amount of money you get for passing “Go” unless you are on your way to “jail”.

Just the other day I read that an average size portion of Turkey has 200 calories. Now just what that average size is I have no idea, an ounce? 4 ounces? I don’t know. But I do love a good roasted turkey, don’t you?

And those TV commercials tell us that 200 and below is the desirable level of cholesterol to lower your risk of heart disease.

But none of that has anything to do with why I am celebrating the number 200 today.

Today I am celebrating the number 200 because I have just passed 200 sales at Dreamstime. So pour yourself and ice-cold bubbly soda (which by the way is my most popular DT image and the number 200 download) and celebrate with me.

Here’s to all those little milestones in life. Hope you all have many as they will pave the road to your success.

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