Photographing Your Own Event

Some of you may know that my youngest child graduated from high school this spring. Yes I am that old.

But you may not know that I learned something in the processes. I learned that maybe you, meaning I, just can’t do it all. At least not all at the same time. You just can’t serve the food, entertain the guest, enjoy the party, relax, enjoy your child, and photograph the event; all at the same time.

Oh, some of the less than perfect photos could have been because the room, that to my eye seemed well lit, seemed a bit on the dark side to my XTi. However I think most of them were due to me trying to do everything at once and not really taking the time to think about what I was doing with the camera.

I tried to save some of them by using the noise reduction software that came with the camera, and tweaking with the lighting, and saturation. I de-saturated them some to help compensate for the odd color lighting and bright sun coming through the windows and maybe even use the noise for good, I kind of like that effect for a change. I tend to go for more colorful saturated photos most of the time.

As for the point of this post… my suggestion to all of you is that when your child has something special going on that you want to be part of; maybe, just for those couple of hours you could let someone else take the photos. I learned that photographing your own event isn’t always the smartest idea.

All I can say is that it’s a very good thing that #4 and #7 were there to handle the party and that Shawn T. was there to take more pictures! And thanks to Diane M. for making the beautiful cake!

As for that child of mine… Congratulations “Girly Girl” you are now a high school graduate and soon will be a college student. Love ya! I wish only the best for you.

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