Photographing Fireworks — a re-run

Ok, so this is just a re-run of an old post from last summer but I thought it might come in handy again…

Exposure: 12 - Aperture: f/11 - Focal Length: 27 mm - ISO: 100

My tips for photographing fireworks:

  • camera in manual mode
  • wide angle lens (around 28mm)
  • lens on manual focus and turned to infinity
  • ISO around 100
  • aperture around f/11 or so
  • shutter speed on BULB
  • attach tripod & shutter release cable
  • long exposure noise reduction if you have it
  • shoot some in short burst of around 2 seconds and some in longer bursts of 15 to 20 seconds
  • try leaving the shutter open for 30 to 40 seconds and cover the lens with a baseball cap between firework explosions to capture several in one shot
  • oh, and take extra batteries, a cold drink, and bug spray!



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