Zazzle Top 8 List

Way back in May of last year I made top 10 lists of my most viewed, most voted on, and best-selling Zazzle products.

I thought it would be fun to revisit that idea and make a new top 10 list of my current best-selling products. It turns out there are a lot of ties so I decided to go with a top 8 list this time… and now… just for fun… here it goes… a count down to my current best seller!!!

ties for #8 – include assorted notecards, postcards, greeting cards, assorted stickers, assorted Flying Misfits products, my Love One Another poster, Isaiah 6:3 poster, Game Night poster and many other posters, Penny Dog slip on shoes, Colorful Dice lo top shoes, T-Rex kids’ t-shirt, Yummy Gummy infant t-shirt, my Brown Bunny binder, Peacock Postage, and several other products to many to continue listing here.

ties for #7 – include American Glory Freedom card, Baseball Grandma t-shirt, Yummy Gummy Tie, my Baseball Business Cards, D&D 7 Hoodie, and Proverbs 3:5-6 mousepad.

ties for #6 – include …A Few Clowns Short Of A Circus mug, my American Glory Poster, Serenity Prayer poster, and my Red Baron business cards.

no ties for #5 it’s simply my Volleyball Game On poster.

and no ties for #4 either just Kansas Sunset #3 postcard.

ties again for #3 with my ever popular High Flight Poem poster, T-Rex Stationery, and Seashell #2 stationery.

still popular and in the #2 slot is the Volleyball Keychain.

and finally the current #1 best-selling product in my Zazzle store is the Victoria Crowned Pigeon postcard.

Thank you to everyone who has visited my store and a special BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased any of my products.

Stop by my Zazzle store again soon to see what’s new!


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