A Walk Along The River

On the way home from a quick Labor Day weekend visit with K & L; D and I picked up some sandwiches and had a picnic lunch in a nice park. Now my hubby hates picnics but we had Bella dog along so there really wasn’t much choice. I should take her along more often; I like picnics! This particular park is in the middle of a town not to far from home but it is a good size park. You’ll see kids playing on the swing set, families camping (free for up to 10 days!), and people fishing in the river that runs right through.

I had my camera along so after we finished our sandwiches, and were done doing battle with the nasty flies, we took a walk along the river. Now keep in mind that the wind is almost always blowing here and this day was no exception. In fact it was blowing at a good speed and moving everything I tried to shoot. It was one of those days were the light changed from one second to the next as well. First it would be bright and sunny, then the clouds would blow over and it would be dark, then sunny again, then dark again… well you’ve got the idea. The combination of unpredictable lighting, a study wind, and unsteady knees when I would squat down made for some pretty poor shots. I was trying mostly to take a shot of the sunflowers and yellow butterflies on the edge of the water.

I didn’t get the results I hoped for and did some complaining about it on FB. A couple of photographer friends of mine Maen & Carolyne told me to “never give up” and to “…make new images…nothing is worthless…”. Well guys here’s the results, I had some fun with a few Photoshop filters to see what I could do. Whatcha think?

Here’s to trying to make something good out of something not so great. Have a great day everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Walk Along The River”

  1. These are great Karen! As a friend once told me to stop thinking about Microstocks in all the pictures I take! And he’s right, we do it also for a reason that, we love photography whether they are accepted on Microstocks or not! And the results are mostly what we like! Cheers 😉

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