Aim For The Moon

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” ~ W. Clement Stone

A young friend of mine, EZ, has been working on a project for school. The assignment was to watch the phases of the moon. I’ve been told that she has really enjoyed the project and perhaps a new hobby has been born. Who knows maybe she will become an astronaut one day! Now that’s cool, I could be the little old lady who says; “I knew her way back when. Once we spent an afternoon making paper fish together.” (Ok, so you had to be there for that one.)

Oh, back to the point of this post. I’ve tried a couple of times to get a decent picture or two of the moon for EZ. I don’t have the equipment for that kind of stuff but I’ve done my best. Here’s a couple of shots I took last night as the clouds moved across a full moon. Now at a 100% crop they look horrible! but shrunk down small like this they aren’t so bad.

Good luck with your project EZ and remember to Aim For The Moon! “aunt” Karen.

Shutter speed: 1.0 -- Aperture: f/22 -- ISO: 100 -- Focal length: 300
Shutter speed: 1.0 -- Aperture: f/25 -- ISO: 100 -- Focal length: 300

3 thoughts on “Aim For The Moon”

  1. Thank you, they were moving fairly quickly so I had to try to catch them as they passed by. Without the clouds the moon just seemed too bright for a picture.

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