Late Fall On The Eight Mile Creek

While visiting #4’s farm over Thanksgiving I had the chance to join her, L, and ST for a nice long hike. There was no crop in the field at the time so we were able to take a shortcut and walk across the field, into the woods, to get to the creek.

The woods in that area are thick with trees that I’m sure have been standing for more years than I can imagine; but they are not too big around. Maybe that’s because they are so close together. If we didn’t have #4 and ST to lead the way I’m sure L and I would have had a hard time getting back out!

Once you get down into the woods you’ll find all kinds of hidden treasures including at least two old (we’re talking “life on the prairie days” old here) wooden wagons. They have been sitting undisturbed for so long that one of the wheels has a tree growing through it and the tree has begun to claim the wheel.

Down along the creek in the fall the water level is very low so we were able to go wading and see the awesome way that the tree roots reach over the high banks down into the water. We even saw some creepy looking caves in the sides of the banks where the coyotes live. YIKES!! Good thing they were tucked in and sleeping for the day.

We had a great hike; all except for the one little slip and fall when #4 headed down a bank that was just a bit to steep for anyone other than a moutain goat to climb. Oh, and the giant thorn that went right through my boot and into my foot! OUCH.

If you’d like to see more shots from the hike they are on my photog site in the “Late Fall On The Eight Mile Creek” gallery; and if you have time please let me know which ones you like best. I’d love the opinions, shooting in all those shadows was not an easy task.

Have a great weekend everyone!
And if you don’t stop by again before then; Merry Christmas too!

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