Digital Photography Master Class -Assignment: Still Life

 It’s been a long time since I have posted an assignment from Tom Ang’s book. I guess I just got busy with other things and didn’t give it a thought.

Well; I pulled the book off the shelf the other day and blew off the dust so that I could pick another assignment to do.

This time I tried a Still Life. Ok, so I didn’t actually set up the scene I cheated on that part and used a Nativity set. We were visiting D’s parents and my mother-in-law had a big beautiful Nativity set on a table near a window in the dinning room. I squeezed by where family members were having fun being “word smiths” while playing a board game and I took a couple of shots, my attempt at a still life.

Tom Ang writes, ” Formerly a favorite genre of photography, still life has faded in popularity… Nonetheless, there is still great work to be created on a smaller scale…”

The assignment brief reads: “Using as many or as few light sources as you wish, create an atmospheric still life… Control the lighting and shade meticulously so that no manipulation of tone, color, or object is later needed. Try various exposure settings to learn the effect on tonality…”

and a couple of the points to remember were:
use a high-resolution
shoot in raw
small apertures maximize DOF

Ok, drum roll time………………. here’s what I ended up with.

It may not be the most spectacular still life image you’ve every seen, but I think it’s alright.

I had 3 light sources on this, the overhead light in the room, a bit of soft wintry light coming through the window behind, and the on camera pop up flash (with my own DIY diffuser attached).

I did try a couple exposures and angles but liked this one best; because of the way you seem to be looking over Joseph’s shoulder to admire baby Jesus, and you can see Mary’s face as she watches over him. I also really liked the way the lighting made everything look like golden silk.

The settings I used for this image were: shutter 1/200 – aperture f/4.5 – ISO 100 – focal length 84mm.

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And now to do some reading in the new book I got for Christmas, Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson (3rd edition).

‘Night all!

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