Selective Focus

Selective focusing
–A method of focusing using a wide aperture to ensure shallow depth of field and put emphasis on an individual area of a scene. —

Recently I was visiting family when we were hit with a deep snowfall. Naturally I grabbed the camera and headed outdoors.

I took several shots of the neighborhood with its snow covered, tree-lined, streets. It was so peaceful; that is until the snow blowers started up.

For one of the images, titled Snow Day, I tried to capture the scene using selective focusing. I wanted to capture the snow-covered fence and the flakes that were still falling; while leaving the children playing in the background to become ghostly figures.

I think I came fairly close to achieving my goal. I definitely needed better focus on the fence itself and the overall composition needs help, but it’s not that bad. You can at least see the snow flakes as they fall through the air!

— shutter speed 1/160 – aperture f/5.6 – ISO 100 – focal length 250mm —

Anyone else capturing those snowfalls out there? Stay warm!

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