My Little Friend Came Back

My little woodpecker friend came back for another photo sessions yesterday. This time she let me get a few steps closer. Maybe before the winter is over she’ll be eating out of my hand! ~ha ha

There are several kinds of birds visiting my yard and I’d like to get photos of all of them but so far they have, for the most part, been to shy.

I did catch a little Junco sitting still long enough to get a quick picture from across the yard. These little snowbirds seem to like to eat the seeds off the ground after the other birds kick them out of the feeder. They also really enjoy the peanut butter and seed covered pinecone that I hung yesterday.

Female Downy Woodpecker – 4

Junco ~ aka Snowbird

Hummm, maybe I should start a set of birding notecards at Zazzle!

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