Another Adventure Has Begun

Whoo Hoo! I have had photos accepted at another stock photo site!

This week I submitted several photos to 123RF and was accepted as a new photographer for them.

That makes 3 stock photo sites that are now selling my images. Oh, I know that’s just a small drop in the bucket; but I’m pretty excited about it.

 These four photos are a sample of  what I have available at 123RF today.

-Spicy Red Chili

-Campfire Long Exposure

-Turkey Sandwich

-Plate of Mexican Food

As of this moment they have accepted 23 photos. It’s a tiny portfolio but not a bad start. I hope that soon my Fotolia and 123RF portfolios catch up with my Dreamstime portfolio. (but DT does have a big head start with over 300 photos right now)

I’d like to think that in the last couple
of years I have improved my photography skills a little and hope to continue to do so.

While I know that I will never reach the ranks of the greats like Yuri Arcurs, just maybe I can build up some nice big stock photo portfolios over the next year or so.

I think I’ll set up my light tent later today and try some more food photography. I baked some oatmeal cookies yesterday that are just waiting for a photo session. Besides it is way to cold to go looking for those birds today anyway!

 What else can I find to put in that tent? Sound like it’s time for a good look around the house to see what inspiration is hiding in the closets. Or maybe the fridge.

Are any of you selling stock photos out there? If so I wish you all good luck with  your sells.

Have a great day everyone and if I don’t talk to you again this week, have a great weekend too.

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2 thoughts on “Another Adventure Has Begun”

  1. Good luck with the stock photo sales. It’s always nice to have some extra income rolling in.

    I hope you get to eat all that wonderful food! It’s making me hungry just looking at it.

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