Playing With My Cookies

A couple of weeks ago I was shooting some homemade oatmeal cookies for stock photos. I took a shot of the cookies with a big mug of hot tea, on a little black plate with a green gecko, on a red checkered cloth with a glass of milk, stacked in a tower, and layered up in a pile.

Then I remembered some fun food photos I had taken before that included images of potatoes, clementines, and onions all sporting big googly eyes.

So after doing a little digging around I found the baggie of eyes and selected two of the biggest ones. After stacking up two oatmeal cookies I stuck the googly eyes on top and created a friendly looking cookie critter. Notice I avoided the obvious use of the term cookie monster here. 🙂

When I was finished submitting this collection of tasty treats to the three stock photo sites that I currently have images with and uploading to I thought that the cute cookie face would be a fun one to add to my variety store at Zazzle; and it was. I had a good time playing with my cookies and creating a few products such as posters, stickers, tote bags, apronsand more.

Everyone knows that cookies are tasty! But who knew they could be fun to play with?

Have some fun today and play with your food. Humm, I can almost see my next sandwich wearing a pair of sunglasses….

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