The Number 400

  • the natural number following 399 and preceding 401
  •  list published by Forbes Magazine of the wealthiest Americans (I checked, my name is still not there.)
  • the ISO speed at which my camera begins to create noise in the images
  • the number of calories in quick Guacamole Dip & 20 tortilla chips (1/4 cup salsa & 1/4 cup mashed avocado)
  • a really old Ford tractor
  • an Atari computer for children announced in 1978 


The number of sales I have reached at Dreamstime!

On March 10 my portfolio of stock photos at reached 400 sales when a wonderful buyer purchased this image of 5 colorful game pieces.

Soon after it hit 401 with the sale of this cute little teddy bear sitting on a red book.

My best-selling image at Dreamstime remains the ever popular glass of bubbly ice-cold soda.

That bubbly soda is closely followed by my second best-selling image at Dreamstime these prescription & non-prescription medications.

Hum. I wonder what this collection of photos says about our world today….

“Sorry kids we can’t afford to take that fun weekend trip because I had to refill my medications, so let’s all enjoy an ice-cold drink and we’ll have some fun reading a good book and playing board games instead.”

Oops getting too political here. 🙂

Maybe it’s more like this….

“Awww, the weekend is here! Less stress means less pain relievers, time off means more time to spend playing with and reading to the kids, and all that free time means I can relax and enjoy a cold drink.”

Have a great day everyone!! And for all my photog friends out there…. Good Luck with your sales!

the number 200
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