Super Moon ~ March 19, 2011 ~ 10:25 PM

Like many many others around the world I was outside last night taking photos of the “super moon”. L was out there with me for her first night shoot, first time using her camera in manual, and first time trying to capture the moon. She did a great job! You can see her results on her blog Photos From A College Student.

I have been told that the moon is “Super” when it’s orbit is closest to the Earth. Last night the moon was a little over 356,000 kilometers away from us; the closest it’s been in 18 years.

I’m not really excited about the results. I guess I was expecting something much larger to appear in the sky. At first you couldn’t even see the moon in our part of the world because of a heavy cloud cover. So I missed it rising. K and L are home for spring break and we headed to a movie instead of standing around waiting for the clouds to move. When we got home there was a short window where the clouds moved in and out of the path of the moon and we were able to see it and get off a few shots.

Here’s my best shot of the night SOOC.

And the same shot at a 100% crop.

I hope everyone had a chance to get out there and shoot the moon last night! Feel free to link to your “super moon” photo in the comments.

Have a great weekend everyone!

added note 3/29/11 — I have uploaded Super Moon to in the Night Visions group; Moon Shots gallery. Prints, gifts, and downloads are available.


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