Fresh New Memory Cards

 I have had my XTi for just shy of 3 years now and that whole time I have been shooting with the same three memory cards; two 1 GB SanDisk cards and one 2 GB Transcend.

I have mostly used the Transcend because it’s bigger, then popped in the SanDisk when it got full. A while back a blogging friend from up in the Northwest part of the country suggested that I pick up a couple more memory cards for an upcoming event. That sounded like a very good plan to me so off to Amazon I ran; or clicked.

I ordered a pair of 2 GB SanDisk Ultra II cards, and two card wallets to keep them all safe and sound. Yeah, I know that’s still only a total of 8 GB of space which isn’t that much when you consider I shoot everything in RAW. But I haven’t taken any long trips, or covered any major events yet so it will get me by for a while. Maybe I’ll get a couple more later this summer.

I will be shooting an anniversary party soon, and then maybe even getting the camera out at our own anniversary party, and my Aunt’s 90th birthday, my Mother’s 80th birthday, and hopefully a long day at the wildlife refuge before the summer is over. Yep, I should order a couple more cards soon. 🙂

The little card wallets are a nice addition to my camera bag. I stitched little white buttons to the zipper pull of one wallet and little red ones to the other. I’m thinking I can keep the empty memory cards in one and as they fill up move them to the other. That should keep me from putting an already full card into the camera.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done that.

 I really never looked closely at the difference, if any, in the images taken on each brand of card. Just never gave it any thought until I got these two new ones the other day. Now it just might be my imagination but I think the fresh new SanDisk memory cards take a much sharper image than the 3-year-old Transcend. Could be the difference in brands or could be the difference in age I have no idea, but I do think it might be worth a side by side test just to see if these new ones really do take a sharper image or if it is just my imagination. Sounds like a good project for a Sunday afternoon, now if the wind would just calm down again so I can get out somewhere and test that.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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