Bird Feeder

Song Bird

 Bird Feeder My Aviary

~ by Charles Garcia

Birds arrive settling in my open aviary
chirp in excitement if you please,
“We found it, We found it” the feeder in
the tree, all come see, eat as you please.

Then they all fly off, perhaps one or two to
remain, chaotic for a moment then they return
although alert they feel at ease as they feed
upon the seed.

The Finches wait their turn, as no room on
the socks that hold their seed.

When full and satisfied off they fly to an
unknown destiny, to return real soon as
they know there is always seed at this
special aviary.

This I witness every morning, every night,
much satisfaction do I get, as I gaze out to
my aviary, full of nutritious seeds that seem
to suit their appetite as they ask for more.
as my job keep the feeders full of seeds,

What a wonderful feeling as you feel the
love that radiates, reflecting back to me.


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