It’s My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! We celebrated early by visiting K & L over the weekend. We headed out early and picked them up on campus as soon as K got off work; he was working an early shift that day.

We spent the morning walking around the zoo, checking out all the animals and all the new work that is being done, it was a lot of fun. L and I were armed with our cameras so there will be zoo photos later… stayed tuned.

After the zoo they took me to a bar-b-que place for lunch it was tasty! We followed lunch with a little shopping then headed back to the dorm where K & L had surprises for me. 🙂 L gave me movies all wrapped up in a nice box with pretty polka-dot paper, (whoa say that 10 times real fast) and K gave me a nice new sauce pan. K was all out of wrapping paper so he thought just a nice bow on top would be fine. Fresh out of bows too. But that was not a problem because my kids are very creative people. He checked around his room and discovered a roll of every man’s best friend; duct tape.

Yep; he made a bow from duct tape. Now how cool is that?

I had a great birthday trip guys, thanks!!!

Love ya’


7 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday, Karen! Sounds like you had a blast. Can’t wait to see the zoo pics. Hope today is just as special as your weekend was. God bless!

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