First Quarter 2011 – Stock Photo Sales

I just received another pay out from for my stock photo sales for the last couple of months; that made me think that it has been a while since I let you know how that was going.

It’s going pretty good. 🙂 I’ve even had my first sale at 123RF and I just started submitting photos to them in January; that as well as my portfolio at Fotolia are still very small. I really need to get my camera cleaned (I’ve got spots on the sensor that just won’t come off!) so that I can get back to uploading stock photos again.

Here’s a quick rundown of my best-selling stock photos for the first 3 months of 2011. (Yes, I know May is the 5th month but I just haven’t gotten around to doing a “first quarter report”; I’ll try to be quicker with the second quarter.)

At 123rf the only sale so far has been Blazing Bonfire.

At Fotolia in the first quarter of 2011 four photos have been popular; Rocks On Shore Of Lake, Fall Basket With Fruits Flowers And Pinecones, Five Oatmeal Cookies On White, and Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie.

My original stock photo portfolio at Dreamstime has been pretty darn busy. I’ll just list out the top five to save time and space. Cola Pouring From A Can, Bubbly Soda, Family Entertainment Game Night, Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications, and my best-selling stock photo for January thru March of 2011 was CPAP Mask and Machine with Humidifier.

In all it wasn’t a bad start to the year. Thank You to all the buyers out there I hope these photos have served you well! And to all my photog friends; good luck on  your sales for the second quarter!

Have a great week everyone!


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