Take That Friday The 13th! It’s All Good.

Ok; so everyone knows that Friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck or some such thing. I’m not the kind of person that gives any thought to things like that but last Friday (it was the 13th) I was beginning to wonder.

1- To start things off I hadn’t slept well the night before I had a stupid cough that kept waking me up, and Bella dog woke me up, and I knew that I had to get up at 5:30 and when you know you have to get up early you never sleep well because you might just miss the alarm. Finally, about 10 minutes or so before the alarm went off I gave up on sleeping and got up.

2- My leg was hurting where I hit it against the end of a metal bed frame the day before, I hit my head on the faucet while washing my hair, and I was just plain tired.

3- It was raining when we carried the necessary dorm room cleaning and moving supplies out to the trail blazer. It rained even harder as we headed off down the road. We came very close to hitting a skunk who was out running around in the rain. It was still raining when we stopped for breakfast and gas. Gas went up to $4.00 a gallon (ok, so the sign says $3.99.9 but that’s $4.00 to you and me.).

4- There were no parking places when we reached campus so we had to have K move his car to another lot so we could take his spot. At least by then the rain stopped! That was good.

5- If you have ever moved a college kid out of the dorm and back home for the summer you know it’s a lot of work to clear out those rooms, load everything into the cars, clean the rooms, and get checked out.  We were doing two rooms. Good thing we’ve had a few years of doing just one room so we knew what to expect and how to pack it all in. We emptied both rooms, loaded the trail blazer to the brim, L’s trunk so tight I was sure that things would jump out like a jack-in-the-box when we opened it again, and filled just about all the space in K’s trunk and back seat. But we got it all in; that was very good.

6- We had planned to walk a few blocks off campus to grab lunch but D’s knee was acting up, it was cold outside, we were all tired, and no one was really up for a long walk. K got online and ordered up some Chinese food delivered to the front door of the dorm. We sat down at a nice comfy table and enjoyed a huge lunch of fried rice, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour chicken, chicken and veggies, chicken and broccoli, crab Rangoon, egg rolls, egg drop soup, and even fortune cookies. All fresh and hot. It was all VERY GOOD!

7- By the time we had eaten until we were stuffed both K and L were completely checked out and ready to head home for summer break. About 5 hours after we arrived on campus we were heading back down the road. Yep, we are that good at this cleaning and packing thing. Two rooms loaded, lunch eaten, and back on the road in only 5 hours. WE’RE GOOD!

8- Back home, blazer and both cars unloaded, and everyone back under one roof again for the next couple of months. Take that Friday the 13th I may be buried up to my neck in boxes but its ALL GOOD.


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