Oil And Water Photo Challenge

Earlier this month I challenged you to post a creative photo of your lunch. So far; no takers for that one. Today I challenge you to something a little more creative and a lot more fun than a sandwich.

Today I challenge you to take a photo of oil and water. I first saw this in Bryan Peterson’s book, Understanding Exposure 3rd edition, and more recently done by Bella 31 Photography over at the Bluu Hippo Blog.

I forgot to take a shot of the set up so I did my best to draw it for you (ok, I don’t draw with Photoshop so well). All you need is a colorful background such as a Hawaiian shirt, a clear glass baking dish, glasses or something to hold up the dish, water, cooking oil, a tripod, and your camera.

Set up the camera and tripod where you can focus on the surface of the water. Once you are ready pour drops of oil into the water and as they float around try to capture the colorful “bubbles”. I did this outside at nearly noon so that there would be lots of bright light overhead, and if I made a mess it wouldn’t be all over my kitchen. 🙂 I was shooting with my XTi and Canon 55-250mm lens with a 12mm extension tube attached.

After deciding that there were no colorful fabrics, wild floral shirts, or crazy tablecloths in my house I decided to break out the ol’ cardstock scraps and create my own kaleidoscope background. I think it worked out alright and it did make for some nice reflections in some of the oil drops.

My setting for all four of the photos below were the same except for a slight difference in focal lengths which varied from 74mm to 90mm. The rest of the EXIF for these photos… ISO 100, shutter 1/2000, and an aperture of f/4.5.

If anyone gives this a try let me know I’d love to see your results; feel free to post a link to them in the comments.

Here’s the best shots of my first attempt at shooting oil and water.

Oil And Water #1
Oil And Water #2

Oil And Water #3

Oil And Water #4

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