Picture Of The Week – Breaking Out

This week’s random picture was chosen by #7 and Agent TomCat; you can see Agent TomCat’s work at RedBubble.

It seems that they both liked the photo titled Breaking Out. I took this one back in July of 2009 while trying out several ideas along the lines of minimalism. I actually submitted this and another similar shot to Dreamstime. They refused this one but accepted the other which I ended up giving the exciting stock photo name of  Black Rat Tearing Through White Background.

To create these images I simply tore a hole in a large sheet of white paper, sat the toy rat on something to raise it up (I think it may have been a jar of pasta sauce), placed a black sheet of paper behind the rat, and pushed his face through the hole in the white paper. As far as post processing goes the only thing that was needed was to adjust the contrast a bit to make sure that the rat really stood out from all the white.

On a side note: did you know that KKHPhotos.Com is hosted by Zenfolio? If you are intersted in starting you own Zenfolio site use referral code CV6-ZGB-B5M to save 10%. 🙂

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