What Were They Thinking?

Do you ever see a person and wonder “what was he or she was thinking”?

Like the guy with the long hair that I saw the other day. He had it in a pony tail and twisted up under his cap but you could still tell it was very long. Did he really think he could hide it that way and actually look more professional? Sorry dude but it isn’t working for ya.

Or the gal at Wal-Mart who was, shall we say, well endowed and actually left her house to go shopping out in public wearing a pair of PJ pants, fuzzy slippers, and a plain white tee three sizes too small; and nothing else. Um; excuse me ma’am, that’s not a good look for you.

Or tattoos on someone’s face! Ok, who thought that was a good idea? What’s that going to look like when you are no longer 20? You do know that’s not going away don’t you; will it still look cool when your grandchildren move you into that nursing home? I doubt it.

Just a random thought. I must be getting old.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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