It Must Be Summertime

It must be summertime. Know how I can tell?

Softball stuff is very popular right now.

In the last three weeks I have had orders for nearly 30 Softball Magnets, over 180 Softball Keychains, and 200 Baseball & Softball Business Cards. And that doesn’t include all the baseball and softball items sold in the two months leading up to summer! In addition to these three very popular softball items I also have Softball Ornaments, Baseball & Softball Neckties, and Softball Necklaces. They all make great giveaways for fans, prizes for players, and gifts for coaches. I’d be glad to personalize them too just ask!

Oh and don’t forget the Baseball Necklace, Baseball Ornament, Baseball Birthday Stickers, Baseball Game Birthday Card, Baseball Lace Up Shoes, Baseball Magnet, Baseball Keychain, Baseball Bear Mousepad, Baseball Game Mousepad, Baseball Grandma T-Shirt, Baseball Mom T-Shirt, and more! All popular items this time of year.

Keep an eye open for new Baseball and Softball products coming to KKH Photos Variety Store very soon!

BIG THANK YOUs to all my customers; and best wishes for a successful season to all your favorite teams.  

Don’t miss out! Grab some money saving coupon codes from this June 18th post.

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