A Dozen Quick Zazzle Seller Tips

Start with an idea and run with it; but don’t be afraid to change it.

Create your own original logo and header.

Color coordinate your logo, header, and page.

Think like a customer; what would you like to buy?

Work like a designer; use your designs on the products that it fits best.

Organize your products into categories and sub-categories.

Create more products; the more you have the more you will sell.

Create matching products; people like matching items.

Don’t be in a hurry you won’t get rich quick but you will earn a buck or two.

Don’t give up. When sales are slow clean up your store and create new products.

Offer a variety of products with a similar theme, or similar products with a variety of themes. Or both.

Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. Did I say advertise?

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