It Will Soon Be Back To School Time!

It won’t be long before classes start again. Get a head start on your back to school shopping with fun new Avery binders from Zazzle.


Here’s just a few that you can find at KKH Photos Variety Store: Daisy #1 – 2″ Binder — Cheeseburger Paradise – 2″ BinderT-Rex – 1.5″ BinderPainted Robin – 1.5″ BinderMy Favorite Subject Is Lunch – 1.5″ BinderEagle – 2″ BinderOil & Water 3 – 2″ BinderBrown Bunny – 1″ Binder Six Irises – 1″ Binder

I know it’s hard to belive but summer break will be over soon; are you ready to get back in the class room?


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