Tuesday Photo Challenge ~ Backyard Visitors [Yes, It’s A Day Late Again!]

Ok, I’m late again but at least this time I have a good excuse! I was having too much fun with the giveaway yesterday and didn’t get a regular post published. Sorry about that but congrats to the winners! I hope you enjoy your prizes.

I have sat up a new challenge this week but don’t have a photo to share for it yet. Hopefully when I get back from a quick run to the hospital for a yucky test I’ll have time to take one.

The new Challenge is Backyard Visitors… here’s how it goes. Set up a critter friendly area in your yard, it could be a bird feeder, a bird bath, a toad house, a butterfly bush, a flower garden, or a tray of tasty treats for your local bunnies to nibble on; then pull up a comfy chair and wait. Once you have a visitor start snapping away. It may take several hours or even a couple of days before your new friends start to arrive but they will; just be patient. I bet a lot of you already have a critter friendly area; if you do maybe you could think of something new to add.

I have my bird feeders out as usual but a couple of days ago I added a little make shift bird bath. I took the saucer section off a large pot that is not being used right now, then on the top of the dirt in the pot I added several rocks, a few random marbles, and a whole bag of glass stones. I sat the saucer section on top and filled it with nice clean water for my feathered friends. I’ve already seen a few taking advantage of it in this heat.

I’ll post a photo for you as soon as I have one. In the meantime if you capture a critter in your backyard feel free to share a link to your Backyard Visitors in the comments. You can see some of my backyard visitors on the photog site in the Backyard Wildlife gallery.

And just so you can’t say I didn’t share a photo with you this morning here’s an older shot of one of my backyard visitors this past winter.


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