Grandma’s Sewing Box

Recently while visiting #7 I needed a needle and thread and she pulled out our Mother’s old sewing box. Ok so actually it’s a fishing tackle box but it worked just fine to hold her needles, threads, buttons, and other small notions. #7 has it because our Mother has been living in a nursing home since she suffered a massive stroke many years ago. After I finished doing the little bit of sewing that I needed to do I had a good time just looking at all the old wooden thread spools, “pearl” buttons, homemade pin cushions, and stork scissors that filled the box.

I remembered the matching calico dresses that Mom had sewed for #7 and I when I was in grade school and I remembered how much trouble I was in the day I came home from school wearing that dress all covered with mud from the playground. I remembered the Betsy Ross costume that Mom had sewed for me to wear in a small patriotic parade. She had made a full long skirt from red, white, and blue fabric and a sash with Betsy Ross written on it with those crayons that you used to make your own iron on transfers. I even carried an over sized wooden needle with some red yarn hanging from it; I’m not sure where that needle came from.

While I had all the vintage goodies spread out I just had to snap a few shots, here’s one of my favorites, I called it Grandma’s Sewing Box. Yep, another of my original names. 🙂

Last night I started creating a few products at KKH Photos Variety Store with this photo and plan to use another shot or two to create a few more as soon as I have time. I love the muted colors in these old threads and the look and feel of the wooden spools so I’m guessing that there are other’s out there that might get some enjoyment out of them too.

Have a great day everyone!


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