If Photo Sales Mean Anything Couponing Is Still A Hot Topic!

If my Fotolia sales are any indication as to what’s been going on lately then couponing continues to be a very hot topic! In the last couple of weeks I have sold over 25 couponing related stock photos from Fotolia alone, that doesn’t include the ones that have sold at 123RF and Dreamstime, they have been popular there too.

The most popular coupon image has been Saving Money With Coupons And Special Deals; over half of those sales in these last couple of weeks has been this one image. Coming in second is  Black Men’s Wallet With Grocery Coupons Isolated On White, and in a very close third is Coupon Clipping Grocery Coupons And Scissors On White . Bringing up the rear at number 4 is a fun shot of Grocery Coupons On A Plate With Fork And Knife – Budgeting Concept .

Seems like I’m not the only one trying to cut back and save a few dollars now days.

Thank you to all those great buyers out there I hope my photos are adding some color to your websites, newsletters, magazines, and flyers!


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