Shooting In The Rain

Recently I spent a quiet rainy morning at Gage Park in Topeka Kansas. This park has too many photo opportunities to let a little rain get in the way so I grabbed the umbrella and kept on shooting.

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite shots from that rainy day photo shoot and give you a few ideas on how you can keep shooting; even in the rain.

* Use some kind of rain coat for your camera. You’ll find lots of specialty products on the market that are made just for this propose but in a pinch a gallon size zipper baggie, with a hole cut out for the lens, will keep your camera dry in a light rain. Oh, and be sure you are carrying your gear in a weather proof bag while you’re out.

* Use a hood to keep those drops off the face of your lens.

* Keep an absorbent cloth handy to wipe away any water that falls on your camera.

* Carry an umbrella if the rain is a bit heavier. It can be awkward to hold the umbrella and your camera at the same time but it can be done with a little practice. If you’ve got a good friend who doesn’t mind getting a little wet take him/her along to hold the umbrella for you! Sometimes including your umbrella in the image can add a splash of color and a little more detail to the scene.

* If the rain really starts to come down look for store awnings, bridges, shelter houses, or gazebos to duck under and keep dry. While you are waiting for the rain to let up keep an eye out for those shots that come to you and snap away from the safety of your covered spot.

* DO NOT change your lens while you’re out in the rain.

* Rainy days usually mean darker days so try adding a little fill flash to wake up the shadows and light up those rain drops.

* Keep an eye open for wet streets that create interesting reflections and rain drops that create ripples on the water.

* Watch for color to liven up the dark gray skies; colorful umbrellas and flower filled gardens are great for rainy days.

* Too stormy to stay out? Try shooting a stormy scene through the window. You might be surprised at the results!


You can see all the photos from my rainy morning at Gage Park at in the On Location group; Gage Park Topeka, Kansas gallery.  Prints, gallery wraps, gifts, and downloads are available.

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