Tuesday Photo Challenge ~ Backyard Visitors Continues

I’m sure you all remember that back in July I started a new photo challenge; this time the challenge is to capture your backyard visitors. I was able to grab a few good shots of some cute little Junco birds and a pair of Downy Woodpeckers over the winter and into late spring but, for some reason, I have not been very successful at capturing my summer visitors.

I’ll keep trying but for now here’s a few shots that my ever faithful assistant Bella Dog and I managed to get today; nothing too awesome but at least you can see the birds!

Oh, and if you know the names of any of these feathery visitors please leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

Finch? or Henslow’s Sparrow? or Wren?

Maybe A House Finch? or House Wren?

Henslow’s Sparrows? or Wrens?

Henslow’s Sparrow? or Wren?


Hey! I Know This One!!
It’s A Mourning Dove

My Ever Faithful Assistant

Good luck capturing your backyard visitors and when you do feel free to post a link to your photos in the comments!

Don’t forget there’s another giveaway coming soon and you must be a Facebook fan to win so be sure to click that “like” button today!

Note: Got an e-mail from #3 who thinks maybe the brown/olive/grey/streaked guys are Henslow’s Sparrows; any more opinions? We’ve also decided that the reddish one is a House Finch; any thoughts? It pays to have a big family! Someone always knows the answer. 🙂


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