Picture Of The Week – Friendly Black Bear

Looks like I missed posting a picture of the week last week! Sorry about that guess I got busy on other things and just didn’t get it done.

Hopefully this week’s image will make up for it; it’s a new one that I just finished uploading this morning. This one comes from a recent visit to The World Famous Topeka Zoo in Topeka, Kansas. While I was walking around the zoo early that morning I stopped to watch the black bears; all four of them were outside enjoying the cool rainy morning. As I watched and tried with no luck to get a good shot of the bears two zoo keepers came up with several large balls for the bears to play with. It was so funny to watch how these giant animals started acting like little kids when the zoo keepers held up the balls and said “wanna play?”. All four of the bears stood up on their back legs and watch as the balls were tossed into their enclosure. Once the balls hit the ground they would drop to all fours and run after it. One of the zoo keepers saw my camera and said “Here’s a shot for ya!” then he held up one of the balls right beside me until one of the bears came over and stood up right in front of me! That was pretty cool and I managed to get a couple of good photos out of it. So my advice to you is when you get a chance to visit the zoo do so early in the day on a cool summer morning; you just might get to see the lions gnawing on a bone (yep, I saw that) or the bears playing like children.

Friendly Black Bear

Have a great day everyone!


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